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Strassburg Sock, oh my!!!

I was jovially chatting with the jump coach at Cuesta Junior College a couple months back, telling how it has been 18 years since I last strapped on my spikes.  He smiled and just said, watch out for you Achilles.  I had already been running and bounding for a month or so without any problem, but Murphy’s law struck and not a week later did my Achilles start to ache (I still blame that coach…thanks a lot!).

Quickly, I hit the web and found that ruptured Achilles is an extremely common injury for guys over 40 doing ballistic sports.  So, being the good boy that I am, I started icing after workouts and heat during the day, but that wasn’t making much progress.  I read about wearing a splint to bed, but I wasn’t ready to do that.  Instead, I just made sure that upon waking I slowly made circles with my ankles trying to loosen up my calf prior to putting my whole body weight down.  This did seem to help a bit.

Then, a week ago, I was at an orthopedic surgeon (my wife is getting rotator cuff surgery) and asked him if he treated Achilles issues.  Without hesitation he said “get a Strassburg Sock”.  Okay, that was all the nudging I needed. Continue reading

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