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Who’s Afraid of Loren Seagrave — not me (Barry Ross)

Not everyone agrees with Loren Seagrave’s sprint mechanics that I highlighted in my first post.  One of the most vocal opponents is famed strength coach Barry Ross.  And today his most claim-to-fame athlete Allyson Felix,  won the 200m at the Olympic Trials, setting a new PR of 21.69 and becoming the fourth fastest woman of all time.  It only seemed appropriate to highlight his ideas.

First, however, I need to clarify that Barry is not her current strength coach.  Nor was he ever her sprinting coach.  Barry was her high school strength coach.   Her high school sprint coach is Wes Smith and her current coach is legend Bobby Kersee.  Regardless, Ross was her high school strength coach and she did run a blistering 22.11 while in high school!!!  So, Ross deserves major “props”.

I must admit, I haven’t read his eBook “Underground Secrets to Faster Running”, but I have read much of his blog Bearpowered and his article “The Holy Grails of Speed Training” and he makes a lot sense.  Moreover, you have to respect someone who doesn’t shy away from controversy (and perhaps brings it on). Continue reading

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Newton Shoes — Standing on the shoulders of giants

There are two kinds of people in this world…

One of my favorite geek jokes is “There are 10 kinds of people in this world, those that understand binary and those that don’t” (if you don’t get it, google it).

Well, a “two kinds of people” moment happened to me yesterday.  I received my “Newton Distance” shoes  in the mail, laced them up, and broke them in for the next hour or so.  The neon green/yellow almost glows in full sunlight.  Every single person I saw said something to the likes of “Whoa, bright shoes”…”Hey nice shoes” (sarcastically)…or better, my mother-in-law says “What in the world are those?!”   An hour later, I headed to the track for a workout and the first person I see says “Hey, nice Newtons!!!” with 100% sincerity.  So, the same joke applies — “There are two kinds of people in this world, those that know Newtons and those that don’t”.

How Newton usurped my Vibrams

For those who are in the “don’t” camp, let me bring you up to speed. Continue reading

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