Why am I writing this blog

A few months ago, I found myself with time to start working out.  However, I’m not the type to just hit the gym to lose a few pound.  I need motivation beyond just staying healthy.  It didn’t take long before my mind starting filling with quotes of “back  in my day” and I realized that even at 42, it can still be “my day”, just at a vastly different level.  So, I’m lacing up my spikes and hitting the track and weight room.

In the eighteen years since I last competed, I’m amazed by how different it is.  I can still hear my high school coach yelling “run on your toes” and going to the “back track” (a dirt path that circled four soccer fields) to do long (extensive) intervals.  Now I’m learning how that was all wrong for my event (Decathlon).  Luckily, I spent several months training under Dan Pfaff  (alongside Donovan Bailey) at the end of my career.  While I was suffering from a back injury and never got to test my training under him, I did see what was to become the future of Track.  What he was teaching me then (front-side mechanics, dorsiflexion, CNS training…) has come to be the standard.

So, this blog is to track not only my progress (which may not be much), but to log all that’s new in the world of Track and Field coaching and to review system and products that are available on the market.

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  1. JJ

    keep the faith 42 – and so the gods of speed and strenght will alway be with you in the long run – and I know you and they will 😉

    best wishes JJ

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