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Barry Ross revisited

In a previous post, I doubted that Barry Ross’ training methodology was adequate for the 400m runner.  My reasoning was that only training at distances of less than 70m did not tax the longer anaerobic metabolisms (Lactate/H+).  Since then, I’ve had an epiphany about why this training would work for the High School athlete and I’ve written about Weyand’s study on anaerobic metabolism and how terms like “Lactate Tolerance” may not be correct (thus I’ve begun to use the terms Anaerobic Speed training, Anaerobic Fatigue training, and Aerobic Fatigue training).  So a revisit was in order.

While I still believe that you couldn’t successfully train a world class or even collegiate athlete by only sprinting repeats of 70m or less, I do believe that it has a lot of merit at the high school level for athletes who only train during the track season(s). Continue reading

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