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Harry Marra Talks about Ashton Eaton’s training (video) Part 2

Here is the second video of Harry Marra at the “World’s Greatest Track & Field Clinic.”  This clinic was on Feb 3, 2013 at Westmont College.  The clinic benefited the “Women’s Athletic Performance Foundation” – http://www.wapf.us/

They are always looking for donations, so if you like what you see, go to http://www.wapf.us/donate-with-paypal.html and donate.

In this video, Harry discusses

  1. Pole Vault technique
  2. Speed Weights
  3. Pool workouts
  4. Weights
  5. Training week
  6. And lots of stories.

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It’s Official — well, kind of

My M40 Indoor Heptathlon record was finally posted to the USA Track & Field website…in a PENDING status.  Here’s the link to the M40 page.

In celebration, here’s a few videos of an old man competing (me).

Also, later today I’ll post Part 2 of Harry Marra talks about Ashton Eaton’s training.

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John Prader — the newest member of the 18′ Club

In a day of many PRs at the Cal Poly/ShareSLO.com Invitational, one stood out above the rest.  Above Ashton Eaton’s Javelin PR (218-7.5), above Sharon Day’s long jump near-PR (20-1.5)…was John Prader’s 5.50 meter Pole Vault.  Lesser known for sure, but this kid’s speed, power, and technique (reminiscent of Scott Huffman without the roll) are just starting to pay off.  Take a look at this vault…with room to spare!  I’m proud to say I occasionally work out with this cat!


According to TFRRS, this ranks him #1 in Outdoor NCAA Track & Field.

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