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I take it back…Weyand was right and Bolt can run 42.80

I made a statement in my last post that I now consider wrong.  I said “Weyand suggested you could use his equations for up to 240 seconds. I disagree with this.”  After making some adjustments, I now think the equations works perfectly well (97% accurate) with a few caveats.  These caveats are where I made my mistakes.

First caveat, you must use flying times (thanks Chris).  I knew this, but I fell victum to the example in Weyand’s own study.  In the study, as a side-sample, he uses Michael Johnsons 200m and 400m world records to create a speed curve.  I likewise used Usain Bolt’s 100m and 200m times from Bejing to estimate what he might run in the 400m.  But Weyand results are really based on average speed and thus including block starts throws it off, especially for shorter distances.  Taking this caveat into consideration, I should have used something like Bolt’s split between 30m and 60m in his 100m and something like his final 180m in his 200m. Continue reading

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