An hour with Sharon Day

I wouldn’t call this an interview, because I’m far from the braodcast type.  It is what it is, which is a poorly recorded chat I had with the world class Sharon Day at the local Starbucks.  The background noise occasionally gets in the way; after all the whole thing is recorded on my iphone.  I stumble over my questions repeatedly…but Sharon is a pro interviewee and carries the whole thing.  It was an absolute pleasure to steal her for over an hour after a Monday workout.  I had a blast just talking track with one of the best athletes in the world.  Even given all it’s faults, I think you’ll enjoy it.

Downloadable mp3 file

Here are answers to two questions that were left hanging in the interview…and a follow-up comment from me.

1) What was the core workout that your therapist gave you?

Front Planks: 3×30 seconds front planks, progressing to a plank with leg raises, progressing to a plank with leg holds.
Also good to note the proper form for a front plank…shoulders over elbows, arms straight out in front, not touching, feet together, core tight with pelvis rotates down and under, glutes and quads tight. Form is very important for getting the most out of a plank.
Side Planks: 3×30 seconds each side, progressing to leg raises (abduction then hip flexion) for the duration of the 30 seconds.
Physio Ball Side Planks: balancing on the ball with one arm in the side plank position. Progressing to side plank dips on the physio ball.
I also did a lot of hip strengthening exercises, abduction, extension and internal rotation (3×10) with ankle weights starting at 2lbs up to 6lbs by the end of the year.

2) What was the book/system Jack Hoyt references when you changed your lifting protocol in 2011/2012?

Underground Secrets To Faster Running by Barry Ross.

Now, if you’ve read my blog, you’ll have seen several write-ups about Barry Ross and Peter Weyand.  To say I was surprised when I got the email stating Jack Hoyt had changed their lifting regiment based on “Underground Secrets To Faster Running”…well, that’s a big understatement.  What Sharon described to me as their lifting routines sounded nothing like what Ross recommends.  However, after a little more digging, I see that Hoyt seems to have “only” taken the Phosophagen Pool rule, which is to lift for less than 10 seconds per set and rest for 5 minutes between sets.  The theory is that our Phosophagen Pool depletes in about 8-10 seconds and recharges in about 5 minutes.  The ironic part is that Peter Weyand, who is Barry Ross’ primary reference for “Underground Secrets” later wrote an article (see my write up) saying that all the metabolic fuel theories are bogus — not based on scientific experiment.  That doesn’t mean a 10 second/5 minute approach isn’t pefect…it just means that we shouldn’t says it’s because of Phosophagen depletion.

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