Weights and General Strength

For our basic weightlifting cycle, we use a modified Wendler 5-3-1 System.  The system is pretty easy to follow, but we have changed it in a few ways.  First, we only use 3 lifts as our core lifts.  Second, we don’t go to failure…if you can’t max the reps, stop early (always try to leave 1 or 2 reps “in the tank”).  We aren’t weight lifters, we want to make sure we are fresh enough for our track/plyo/technique work.

Lift Days
Core lifts are done Monday/Thurs for Mulits.  Tues/Thurs for Jumpers.

Core Lifts:
Clean Variations — Power Clean, Hang Clean, Clean pulls… do whatever you are comfortable with based on your current expertise and where Tara/Zack are comfortable with your technique.  Occasionally, we will substitute Squat Jumps or Snatch…but mostly we will stick with Cleans.

Hex Deadlift — The preferred max strength lift is Hex Deadlift.  We have one in the shed, but I’m not sure if there is one in the weight room.  Alternatives are regular deadlift and squat variations.

Incline — Alternatives are bench and decline.  We will also occasionally put in plyo push-ups of some sort.  But mostly, we will stick with Incline.

Use the below table for Set/Rep.

Week 1 3×5 at 65%/75%/85%
Week 2 3×3 at 70%/80%/90%
Week 3 1×5, 1×3, 1×1 at 75%/85%/95%
Week 4 — deload 3×5 at 40%/50%/60%

*If the athlete completes the cycle, we increase their 1RM estimate by 10-20lbs.

*Intensities in my running workouts mimics the same 4 week cycle.

General Strength

We will also perform 1-2 GS days a week.  Multis do GS on Tues and Friday, while Jumpers do Friday.

Our fallback GS circuits are Pedestal and Waterloo, but you can swap out other GS circuits for variation.  I will add other later (I’ve added Bataan only for now) but Pedstal and Waterloo are as follows.  On Tues, if you have time, add Rudiment.


  • Prone Leg Raises/Elbows
  • Supine Leg Raises/Elbows
  • Prone Leg Raises/Hands
  • Supine Leg Raises/Hands
  • Prone Hip Extensions (elbows, knee to chest)
  • Lateral Leg Raises/Elbows
  • Lateral Leg Raises/Hands
  • Flexed-Knee Elbow Stands
  • Low reach crunches
  • Low reach crunches w/ twist


  • Prisonar Squats
  • V-sits
  • Pushups Toe Walks
  • Back Hypers w/Twist
  • Rocket Jumps
  • Leg Toss (partner if possible)
  • Rocky’s
  • Wrestler’s Bridge Pushups
  • Nordic Hamstring Curls
  • Crunch
  • Decline Pushups
  • Prone SL Hip Extension


  • Single Leg Deadlift
  • V-sits
  • Back Hypers
  • Shoulder Tap Pushups
  • Nordic Hamstring CurlsSide Ups
  • Lunge Jumps
  • Rocky’s
  • Pushups Toe Walks
  • Prone SL Hip Extension

Rudiment (small hops)

  • Power Skip for height
  • Power Skip for distance
  • Single Leg Hops Forward
  • Single Leg Hops Backwards
  • Double Leg Forward
  • Double Leg Backwards
  • LLRR
  • Medial Hops L
  • Medial Hops R

Med Ball: Gas

  • Standing OHF (wall)
  • Hip Twist (wall)
  • V-Ups
  • Good Mornings
  • Soccer Push
  • Hurdle Reach
  • Partner Exchange
  • Knee Toss
  • Back-Hyper Toss
  • Cheap Chiropractor Toss
  • Pike — Shoot

Med Ball/Multi Throw: Bomb

  • OHB
  • BLF
  • Hop OHB (one, two or box hops)
  • Hop BLF (one, two or box hops)
  • Twist Throw L/R
  • Hammer Hip Toss R/L
  • Rocket Jump Toss
  • Slams

2 thoughts on “Weights and General Strength

  1. Tom

    Hello, when implementing the general strength circuits, you mention your go to’s are Pedestal and Waterloo. Do you do both on each day or just one per day? Thanks.

    • Yes, time permitting. We do more Pedestal than anything. When time doesn’t permit, I have them do it at home. Waterloo is awesome, but hard to coordinate when you have a bunch of athletes. There used to be a great video of Trey Hardee doing it on FloTrak, but now its behind a paywall. 😦

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